How to … Barbecue the Tomahawk for 2 (v.1)

Thanks so much to Tom Brennan for our first contribution to our community Cooking Tips & Recipes collection. Tom has put a slight twist on the Tomahawk cooking instructions by bring the barbecue into the equation. Give it a go yourself, or even submit a recipe for the collection yourself. Simply email it, with a picture or two to

Tomahawk for 2 BBQ's by Tom Brennan



  1. Marinade the Tomahawk in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a couple of hours
  2. Sprinkle the Tomahawk with Salt & Pepper
  3. Sit the Tomahawk Steak for an hour out of the fridge until it reaches room temperature
  4. Pre-heat your oven to about 200C
  5. Heat your barbecue to a high temperature, keeping lid closed
  6. Place steak on the barbecue for 4 minutes each side
  7. Once BBQ’d 4-Minutes each side only, place the steak into the hot oven on a wire rack over an oven tray for 18 to 20 mins
  8. Take the Tomahawk out of the oven and let the steak rest before cutting into steak size slices

This was an amazing steak full of flavour

Tom Brennan

Thank you so much for your barbecue tip for the mighty Tomahawk for 2 Steak.